IMN ABS East Conference
September 17-19
Derek Katz and Jonas Roth are attending.

Compass Analytics Annual User Conference
September 20-21
We are a sponsor. Mark Garland, Matt Maurer, Dave Bennett, Jennifer Kritzik, Meredith Rudden, Art Yeend and Stephane Salon are attending.

MountainView’s MSR Asset Monthly Webinar
October 4
Our presenters are Mark Garland, Dave Bennett and Matt Maurer.

Jack Henry Annual Client Conference
October 16-19
We are an exhibitor. Rita Bostick, Karen Schwall and Bertrand Laurent will attend.

Marcus Evans Advanced Model Validation Conference
October 17-18
We are a sponsor and exhibitor and will present a case study. Rita Bostick and Tony Eramo will attend.

2017 OCC Capital Markets Conference
October 17-19, 2017
Mark Garland will be speaking at this event.

MBA Annual Convention
October 22-25
We are exhibiting. We will have meeting space and happy hour at the Aloft hotel, October 23-24.

Center for Financial Professionals Stress Testing USA: CCAR and DFAST
November 7-8, New York
We are a sponsor and exhibitor.

SFIG Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2017
November 7-8 2017
Brian Dunn, Christopher Kennedy and Nate Callard will attend.

MBA Whole Loan Trading Workshop
November 9, 2017
Michael Kelleher will be attending as a speaker.

MBA Accounting and Financial Management Conference
November 13-15
We are a sponsor. Mark Garland, Jennifer Kritzik, Meredith Rudden and Matt Maurer will attend.

Opal Group Marketplace Lending Summit and CLO Summit
December 3-5
We are a sponsor. Brian Dunn is speaking, and Chris Kennedy and Alvin Hsu are also attending.