We empower our financial services partners to make informed and confident decisions utilizing the unrivaled depth of dedication, sophistication and market knowledge of MountainView.

Sophisticated. Knowledgeable. Experienced.


We empower hundreds of clients – banks, credit unions, government entities, hedge funds, insurance companies, marketplace lending platforms, mortgage banks, mortgage servicers, pension funds, private-equity firms, and real estate investment trusts. Within this client base, we have a diverse group of clients, ranging from small to large organizations and from startups to deeply established businesses.


MountainView has a well-established history as a leading service provider to the financial services industry. Our firm was originally established in 1989, when a predecessor company was formed to provide transaction advisory services for residential mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). Over the years, that company began offering MSR analytics, residential mortgage loan transaction advisory and portfolio asset management services. In 2007, MountainView Capital Holdings acquired these businesses and subsequently launched the first of three successful residential mortgage opportunity funds.

Over the past decade, MountainView expanded its services with ongoing, internal strategic development and two strategic acquisitions. In 2012, we acquired Clayton IPS, a well-known provider of structured finance securities and residential whole loans and in 2014, we purchased McGuire Performance Solutions, a highly regarded provider of financial model validations, core deposit analytics and core deposit and loan prepayment index reports. Much of this growth has been the result of client-driven needs and requirements.

In the first quarter of 2017, MountainView Capital Holdings and all of its subsidiary companies were collectively rebranded as MountainView Financial Solutions. Through the third quarter of 2017, the services traditionally provided by McGuire Performance Solutions will be co-branded using the familiar McGuire and the new MountainView names and logos.

Senior Management

The members of our senior management team have previously sat in your seat at various financial institutions and faced your challenges. We believe this practice of hiring employees with hands-on, frontline experience fosters true partnerships.

Core Values

We are guided by five core values which help empower our financial services partners to make informed and confident decisions utilizing the unrivaled depth of dedication, sophistication and market knowledge of MountainView.


  Mark Garland – Executive Vice President

"To fully understand and address our clients' needs now and in the future, our knowledge and experience framework must be continuously expanded. To ensure that our expertise continues to grow, MountainView emphasizes and provides continuing education."

Client-Service Driven

 Christine Mills – Managing Director, Analytics

"Our clients' interests always come first. This requires us to be highly responsive at every point of contact, highly attentive to details, and highly flexible when the scope and timing of a client's needs change."


 Jennifer Kritzik – Senior Vice President, Analytics

"Everyone here recognizes that our clients are trusting us with their biggest challenges, so we approach our work with an ethical, high-quality and objective mindset."


 Jeff Zygo – Vice President, Analytics

"While we are an independent advisor to our clients and sometimes only work on short-term projects for them, we are committed to their long-term success. Our firm thinks similarly about its staff. While each employee has his or her current role and responsibilities, there's a strong commitment to the ongoing career advancement of each employee."


 Matt Maurer – Managing Director

"As the size of our company grows, we maintain an environment where each employee is empowered to act as an owner, expert, innovator and achiever. As a result, every employee frequently engages in broader activities, going above and beyond what he or she believes is necessary for clients and the firm. That's just the way we work."