We seek experienced, intelligent and motivated people. We continually observe these characteristics in our existing employees as they set the bar high and Climb Higher in their careers.

Current Openings

AVP/VP, Analytics  |  Denver, CO or Scottsdale, AZ

The AVP/VP, Analytics position will be responsible for completing Core Deposit production projects. This position can reside in Denver or Scottsdale and will report to Jeff Prelle.


Analyst/Senior Analyst  |  Denver, CO

The Analyst/Senior Analyst position will focus on assisting banks and mortgage companies with their mortgage servicing rights risk management needs. The ideal candidate should appreciate working in a quantitative finance field that integrates knowledge of the capital markets, statistical analysis, and risk management into a single role. This position resides in Denver and will report to Mike Riley.


Functional Areas


Manage our banking relationships, financial reporting to our board members, distributions to our company and fund investors, and accounts payable and receivable work.


Conduct comprehensive information gathering and sophisticated analysis to develop and deliver tailored and practical advice to clients.

Information Technology

Identify, develop, implement and manage all of the essential information technology tools and functions, including data security.

Legal and Compliance

Direct and support for all legal and compliance needs of our organization.

Sales, Business Development and Marketing

Identify the biggest challenges financial businesses are facing, collaborate with colleagues to develop and provide services that address these challenges, increase awareness of our services and credentials, and ensure that we're continually exceeding our clients' expectations.

Transaction Advisory

Support clients' mortgage servicing right and whole loan transactions by providing our asset sourcing, pricing and bidding, due diligence, transaction management, credit oversight, asset management and asset sale services.