Transaction Advisory

Transaction Strategies and Solutions that Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

Our dedicated professionals maintain relationships with over 1,000 active market participants from financial institutions to asset managers, which provide our clients with valuable insights into price discovery and optimal transaction strategies to meet their objectives.

Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Transaction Advisory

Our clients have been leveraging our MSR valuation leadership role and strong marketplace reputation since 1989. Learn why year after year we are a recognized leader in bulk MSR transactions. We deliver to clients our in-depth market knowledge, a detailed portfolio analysis and superior transaction support for both our buy-side and sell-side representations.


Residential Whole Loan Transaction Advisory

Since 1993, our participation in the secondary residential mortgage market has provided our clients with the market intelligence and go-to market strategies required to achieve their strategic objectives. We provide our transaction advisory clients with solutions tailored to their needs, including portfolio marketing and loan sourcing, portfolio analytics, the introduction of buyers and sellers, as well as due diligence coordination and review, transaction management and credit oversight services.


Current Whole Loan and Mortgage Servicing Rights Offerings

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